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  • TheOriginalN : So... Is AP dead?
  • No-Half-Meas : the Character Database is working on GMod once again, In otherword you can properly conenct again.
  • statik : quiet, peabody
  • Evans : meow meow meow
  • No-Half-Meas : awesome :D do notice it as normaly the site hung befor loading now it doesn't :D
  • statik : made some huge improvments to the web server yesterday. Kept running out of memory... Should see a little performance gian now, and the stability will keep the gmod server happy w/ mysql :D
  • statik : ah xD
  • No-Half-Meas : What you ahve already done :P
  • statik : wait what do I have/was supposed to do?
  • No-Half-Meas : Server is back up and running! All player data was reset.
  • No-Half-Meas : Satik just needs to make the final changes and it should be ready to go again.
  • No-Half-Meas : Not many from the old days do. At the current moment in time the Gmod Server is down as we are currently switching the gamemode over to MySQL to bring out-of-game stuff to the site.#
  • ziccy : does anyone play on the server anymore im gonna join again
  • statik : Happy new year AP
  • statik : kermobblefluffin
  • No-Half-Meas : Yeah no button xD & Np
  • statik : Should be good to go...
  • statik : wtf no button? Wellp, sorry for the delay, but I was without internet for a week...Just got turned back on yesterday. Update commencing.
  • No-Half-Meas : I hear wipilot is in a grave, also @Statik update gmod server as i dont has button.
  • Twitcher : Basement? Lucky. I got the trunk.
  • No-Half-Meas : Heeeeelp Meeee! Statik has me in his basement!
  • WIpilot : weeeeeeeeeeee
  • Twitcher : hoooooooo
  • statik : wooooooooo
  • No-Half-Meas : I did not, maybe statik did?
  • Twitcher : Did you send me a messge? An envelope was in my tablet notifications but disappeared when I clicked on it.
  • No-Half-Meas : Im working on AbusiveRP V2 :D
  • statik : gmod server is updated :D
  • statik : woops..sry I don't check the site much these days.... I thought we set up an update button in the admin cp? Anyway, I'm working on bringing the DM server back as I need it to develop another plugin for eventscripts so I'll update gmod while I'm at it. Don't forget, steam has offline messages now, too ;)
  • No-Half-Meas : *poke* Statik i think GMod server needs an update ;> I should be able to work more on the gamemode this week *fingers crossed* as well as our little side project.
  • No-Half-Meas : haha xD Yeah I'm not really fussed just ammuses me that they are using them, as for moze hes not bothered if anything he thrives from others using them ^^
  • Twitcher : Moze would roll over in his...oh wait he's not dead just playing other games now.
  • Twitcher : Not up to me but I don't mind as long as they don't pretend they created it. Especially the ones that were done from scratch.
  • No-Half-Meas : It's amusing that there are 3 HL2:RP servers using an ap map these days XD
  • No-Half-Meas : Finally! :P and i remebered my password after several failed attempts XD
  • statik : Fuck my life....2 weeks later, we're finally back.
  • No-Half-Meas : Shamefully nothing really has changed. I've been busy with other things so much so i havnt had time for gmod =/
  • Twitcher : I know you don't see me because I haven't been contributing to the forums but I'm checking in every day to see if anything new shows up.
  • No-Half-Meas : I talked more in my reply post, Also wow ap is working again only took me 3 days to actually tell statik it was down xD
  • No-Half-Meas : XD Well Due to Linux imcompatability Issues i had to scratch that all together and revert to another version. How ever atm im rather busy and uable to tend to it and get it all set-up
  • Twitcher : *walked
  • Twitcher : I did notice when I wlaked around in first person the inside of my face kept jumping out in front of me.
  • No-Half-Meas : Hey Twitch, Noticed you were on the server the yesterday, Could you notify me of any issues you may have seen so i can fix them. Also to note there is a crash issue atm which myself and statik are still working on fixing.
  • No-Half-Meas : Your Welcome Thunder! and AP is doing ok I guess, a tad slow, just need statik to fix the GMod server abit more so CSS content is mounted so it doesnt crash anymore XD
  • Twitcher : Coincidence I tried to convince a couple of big ugly girls to put lips to crotch last night. Oh wait that'snot what you said. You were talking about old speakers not old hookers. nvm
  • ThunderShort : Spent all afternoon rebuilding an old pair of Klipsch Lascala's... big ugly girls! But hey, they are twins, and they put out like a MoFo. Came out sweet!
  • ThunderShort : No-Half... thanks for the DOTA2, lol ! Been consumed with work, have not checked in for a long time... how's AP doing?
  • No-Half-Meas : Server is UP, Im now working on the RP stuff so we can run that as it's currently in Sandbox.
  • No-Half-Meas : I'd like to appologise on behalf of AP for the server not being updated, we did not realise the SteamPipe switch fucked so much up.
  • statik : heh..yea...They were working on that + an ipad version, but guess they've since abandon the game =/

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